Linguistic services

Since all the members of Madagascar-Guide-Accompagnator work in a field in which foreign laguages are involved, we decided to begin a new service, the "Linguistic Services".
We then translate any kind of files as well as web sites.
We actually work on English, French, Italian, Malagasy and Russian. Hitherto, only local people know about our exsistance. Yet we can provide our service to any one in the world.

A part of our service is providing interpretes too. Many business man need interprete while travelling. Indeed, interpretes are often called upon.

Please contact us to get further informations

Tourism Services

Another service that is always linked to language is Tourism. Indeed since circa all the members have worked also as tour guides, tourism is one service that we can provide the best. We then can organize & conceive tours of any kinds, adventures, sports, trekking & hiking, canoening, climbing and classical tours...
To help tourists we provide english, russian, italian & spanish tour guide. What makes us exceptionnal is that we conceive your tours as you except. We help you to conceive the tour by providing you all informations that are necessary to be known.
All our tours include:
  • The domestic flight
  • The vehicle & Fuel with driver
  • The tour guides (french or italian or english or spanish or Russian speaking)
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us your questions

Madagascar Car Rental

A part from these, we can also rent car with driver. Our price include the driver's needs, however the Fuel is not included into the price. We invite you to have a look at our cars with the prices in this page MADAGAS-CAR RENTAL
Note that only with classical tours in Madagascar we can offer driver that speaks english & italian.
Partners: Trek Madagascar