A classical tour in South of Madagascar.

In term of Touristic products, the southern part of Madagascar enjoys the first place as the “soldest”.  This itinerary brings the name RN 7 which is merely the National Road N° 7. In Madagascar there are two kinds of road, the national ones and the secondary ones. Just guess what makes the difference?! Generaly National Roads link two or more provinces or big localities and they are normally asphalt. Yet secondary ones are these roads that need 4WD. So as you can understand, the itinerary said “classical tour” is a tour which doesn’t require too much physical efforts, though has a very good quality as far as discovery is concerned (National Parks, interesting farms and fabrics but especially landscapes and sceneries then the Beach…). If you have 7 to 14 days then you can experience the Classical tour in South of Madagascar.

Fauna and Flora discoveries

We then say that this circuit follows National Road, you may think there ain’t much to discover! You are totally wrong! One big asset of this tour is the visit of 2 or 3 national Parks such as Ranomafana National Park which is considered as a real sanctuary for nature. It was some years ago named as a National Heristage by the UNESCO. Hundreds of species of Fauna and Flora are endemics to the Park and to Madagascar which means some plants and animals do not exist elsewhere but in Madagascar.  For instance the Grey Mouse Lemur or microcebus murinus, the golden and the greater bamboo lemurs which are considered as threatened species in extinction by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), some birds, insects, frogs… And plants such as orchids, carnivorous plants, precious wood and palm trees…

This is as far as biodiversity in national Park is concerned. There is also the Private park of Anja that do deserves to visited. There one would meet and discover one of the most famous lemur in the World for it has played in Hollywood movie, the Catta Lemur known as the King Julian. Remarquable by its tail color black & white.

As I’ve just mentioned above, the Fauna and Flora aren’t the one that makes this itinerary interesting. There are also the:

Exceptional Landscapes, the small visit of traditional Fabric…

This itinerary on RN7 is started by the discoveries of traditional fabric such the Alluminuim workshop, Zebu’s Cornes, Miniatures, Malagasy sweets…
What make these interesting? If we only talk about the alluminium one, it is just amazing for these brave persons that working on it, use such an archaic way of laboring. They do not use any protection at all, even a simple shoe, yet the matter they are working on looks like volcanic lava! The there is the work shop of the Zebu’ Cornes. Zebus are the madagascar’s bovid. Kind of caw but has a hunch in its back. The corn of these beasts is used to make some kind of lovely jewelers

Apart from these, this itinerary go through a long distance, about 1100 Km from the Capital until Tulear. On the way the territories change, which means the locals changes. In Madagascar there are 18 ethnical groups, 6 of them with their cultures and traditions will be met & discovered through this tour.

At last but not least, one that makes this tour very sold is the landscapes and sceneries from the beginning till the end. Every some dozen of Kilometers, the landscapes are changing (from traditional Hut and houses passing by rainforest and rise fields to dry and spiny forest and baobabs.

So if this tour in southern part of Madagascar seems interesting for you, you can see in your right the day by day itinerary and the prices. If you need more information or clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with us.