Adventures in Madagascar

There are a lot to do in Madagascar. If you are hesitating, then just simply do everything! Here is a sample of tour in which adventures, discovery, meeting with local people and relax are mixed so as to give a real good tour to make acquaintance with Madagascar. How many days do you have? Remember that even 5 days are enough to make discovery and to get in touch with one of the most principal touristic assets of the big island. Do you have 3 weeks? Then this mixture of adventures, discoveries and relax is properly for you.

Interesting discoveries in the big Island

You possibly come from a country where nature gives way to modernization that to say tremendous buildings get planted every where?! To get rid of everyday life you need certainly to go in a place where nature is still prevailing and good to live. In the National park such as Andasibe and Ranomafana you shall be satisfied for you will be totally immersed into green nature reputed to be a sanctuary of nature. You will discover the main touristic attraction of Madagascar: the Lemurs. Madagascar has some hundreds species of these little cutes beasts. And Andasibe and ranomafana national park are the best place to enjoy more of Madagascar’s Fauna: there you discover the biggest of lemurs (indir indri knowable to its lamentous cry that sounds like whales’), Gekkoes (Uroplatus, endemic species of Madagascar, nocturnal gecko that is a real kind of camouflage Navy worthy. Right in the left image)

Adventures through the Island.

As adventures part you won’t be deceived. What about a tour on traditional canoe for some couple of days, experiencing how the Vezo tribe lives and makes living in fishing. Along the Tsiriribihina river we’ll make you discover a beauty that is unique. Nights under tents, diner around fire-camp animated by folkloric music. Then one of the most beautiful site in the world, that according to some persons such as Madagascar Tour Managers, deserves to be the 8th wonder of the world: “the Tsingy of Bemaraha”. A forest of limestone, carved for millennium by rains, wind and sun and serves for many endemic species as habitat. Many canyons and tunnels fields are formed

Then there is the assumption to Bobby Peak, the second highest pic in Madagascar that is about 2568 meters of altitude. 3 days trekking with the betsileo people.

These are only 2 main points of this tour, however there are another visit that are worth saying too, such as the visit of Isalo National Park which is named as the Colorado of Madagascar, some little visits of traditional fabrics (Zebu’s corn, miniatures, Malagasy sweets…)

We invite you to have an eye on the entire itinerary just right this page with the prices. Or you can contact us to ask for a plausible Tour in Madagascar.