Madagascar-Guide-Accompagnator is a group of young Tour Guide in Madagascar. It was born a couple of years ago (2011). Since its creation, the group now counts some young and dynamic gentlmen and women. Each of us has more than 2 years of experience in the field of tourist assistance.

             That association was built because what we could feel & see as young & unexperienced tour guide was that we were not well-known as well as our prestation. So in order to make a name and to survive in the world of travel we decided to unit ourselves and our experiences & knowledges to provide only one good service. Now we organize our own tours & manage our own business. You shall see all the advantages of travelling with us while visiting our site.
All Madagascar isn't stranger for us, and wherever you want to go & visit we shall be able to furnish & provide you the tour you're awaiting for according to your needs & budget.

             We invite to run through the site and glance over our offers.
Since languages are our tools of working, we also offer service of translating and interpreting. To notice that all the members are all capable of speaking at least 2 foreign languages such as french, English, Italian, Portuguese, German & Russian.
Please feel free to ask any questions if there's any point you want to clear up or if you want to book a tour in Madagascar


- Run after the Lemurs
- Excursions in the Rain Forest of Andasibe Reserve
- Whale observation in Sainte-Marie
- Enjoy and relax on a beautiful beach of the islet

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Whales, or even "humpback whale Megaptera" have long pectoral fins. They have the particularity to feed in the cold seas and come to breed in the warm seas, as in Sainte-Marie, during the months of July, August, September and October. It is the sanctuary these humpback whales have chosen to mate, to give birth to their babies and begin to educate them. In Malagasy, the whales are called "trozona ', the inhabitants of Sainte-Marie designate them " Zagnaharibe "  which means " Great God". The whales are very respected and protected by the local population.

There are a lot to do in Madagascar. If you are hesitating, then just simply do everything! Here is a sample of tour in which adventures, discovery, meeting with local people and relax are mixed so as to give a real good tour to make acquaintance with Madagascar. How many days do you have? Remember that even 5 days are enough to make discovery and to get in touch with one of the most principal touristic assets of the big island. Do you have 3 weeks? Then this mixture of adventures, discoveries and relax is properly for you.

In term of Touristic products, the southern part of Madagascar enjoys the first place as the “soldest”.  This itinerary brings the name RN 7 which is merely the National Road N° 7. In Madagascar there are two kinds of road, the national ones and the secondary ones. Just guess what makes the difference?! Generaly National Roads link two or more provinces or big localities and they are normally asphalt. Yet secondary ones are these roads that need 4WD. So as you can understand, the itinerary said “classical tour” is a tour which doesn’t require too much physical efforts, though has a very good quality as far as discovery is concerned (National Parks, interesting farms and fabrics but especially landscapes and sceneries then the Beach…). If you have 7 to 14 days then you can experience the Classical tour in South of Madagascar.

6 wonderful days in Madagascar - surrounding Antananarivo

Don’t you have enough days at your disposal for holidays? We propose you 6 days tour in Madagascar, surrounding the capital. This is a very simple tour and everyone can perform easily.  It is divided into 2 big parts: The visit of Ampefy during which we’ll make you discover the legendary waterfall of Lilah or waterfall of Lily and the famous geyser of Amparaky famous for its health virtue. The as second part we’ll take you to nature, closer to animals & forest at Andasibe National Park. But before taking you into forest, we’ll introduce you more closely to Lemurs at the Vakôna private park where you can even shake hands with these little cute beasts and to have photo together. In the following paragraph we’ll give you more details about this Tour.

Want to discover the so called 8th continent?

Want to discover the so called 8th continent?